Email, remote file access & telephony: leverage our expertise to ensure you can communicate with your business network

We are able to provide a range of scaleable solutions that help our clients not only gain access to mission critical information but also proactively manage it so that as their businesses grow, their IT support infrastructure is able to grow with them.

In particular we specialise in delivering:
a€?A A  A The deployment of Microsoft Server Solutions for email and file management
a€?A A  A Secure VPN and remote access solutions
a€?A A  A Fileserver and file management solutions
a€?A A  A Provision of full or hybrid IP PaBX telephony
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About us

The SmartCIC story - Providing business critical managed Connectivity, Infrastructure and Communications solutions to clients throughout Europe since 2005 from our offices near Geneva and in Sophia Antipolis in the heart of the 'French Silicon Valley'.

In many projects one of our key roles has been

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Guaranteed connectivity backed up by 24/7 4 hour SLA from 99€ / month. Fiber Optic or DSL connectivity coupled with satellite or 3G failover to ensure your sites remain connected. Increase speed whilst reducing costs.
Wireless: Integrated Cisco wireless solutions for enterprise and small business - intelligent meshing provides seamless roaming for data and voice applications.
PBX Solutions: Intelligent PBX solutions that cut cost and increase productivity. Smart Phone integration ensures your team remains connected to your office infrastructure facilitating communications whilst reducing cost.