About Us

Based in France, SmartCIC has been providing business critical managed Connectivity, Infrastructure and Communications services and solutions to clients throughout Europe for over 10 years.

The combination of our in-house technical expertise coupled with local language skills make us a strong partner in the delivery and management of cross-border IT solutions.

In many projects one of our key roles has been to provide the critical local language link for international clients based in the US, Asia or the UK for their operations on mainland Europe. Our understanding of how to deliver in difficult European markets has enabled our customers to achieve their objectives in time and on budget.

  • Project Management 100% 100%
  • Technical & Customer Support 100% 100%
  • International Experience 100% 100%
  • Smarter than the competition 100% 100%
Our field services division comprising over 10,000 technicians in 30 countries is available to provide same day and next business day support for installation and maintenance requirements on a 7/7 basis. Our field services team are supported by global logistics solutions offering door to door services ensuring critical hardware is delivered in time to meet our client’s SLAs anywhere in the world.

SmartCIC specialises in delivering a range of managed services to multi-national clients across the world. Our core competency in providing low latency high availability connectivity underpins additional services such as managed VPN, Security, cloud telephony and messaging services. Whilst clients can also take advantage of our experience through our custom network design and consulting services to assist in the design and development of their networks.

Project Management

Effective and efficient project management is key to the delivery and support of all our services and we pride ourselves on our project management disciplines.  We have engineered our business to provide a single point of contact for clients for all for administrative and technical issues.

Client Relations

Each client is assigned a project manager for the initial delivery of a project and the on-going relationship. Each project manager is in-turn is supported by our technical and administrative teams to ensure a smooth delivery of new services and the resolution of any issues.  Our flexible approach allows for specialists to be brought in at any stage of a project to assist with elements such as design, wan optimisation or for technical support.

Problem Solvers

Our technical team contains experienced CCIE, CCNP and CCNA professionals ready to assist with the diagnosis of issues and ensure their swift resolution. All connectivity and services are subject to monitoring for performance and uptime enabling our team to quickly anticipate and resolve issues.

Technical & Customer Support

We take customer and technical support seriously. Both our customer services and technical teams are staffed by multi-lingual professionals capable of understanding and communicating with our clients and local delivery partners in their respective languages. This ensures that our services are delivered and maintained in an efficient and effective manner.