Field Services

Over the past 10 years we have built up a network of field services technicians capable of providing onsite support for all our client’s needs.  Our solutions range from simple remote hands and eyes, router or switch installation and replacement to more complex tasks such as IT audits, wireless surveys and full network installations.

Our network is constantly growing and currently covers 30 countries with a total field services force of over 10,000 technicians.

Our solutions provide our major global clients with the ability to support their networks anywhere in the world at any time by providing a single point of contact irrespective of technical solution or vendor.  Our comprehensive management services ensure that interventions are conducted efficiently maximising successful outcomes.



SLA as Standard

As standard we provide an initial reponse and deployment SLA for each territory so our clients have immediately have visibility on our provision.  We believe that transparency in support provision allows our clients to communicate with key parties within their network to reassure them that issues are being resolved. Our onsite teams are backed up by our door-to-door logistics solutions designed to deliver critical hardware to the right place at the right time.

Added Value

Unlike some organisations we actively manage our client interventions through conference bridges to monitor our tech’s performance against client requirements. We also provide a range of bolt-on services to our technical interventions including our own L2 and L3 network support to assist with troubleshooting, local language translation and co-ordination, pre-staging and logistics support.

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